What we do

What we do

We are bringing the digital technologies to the exhibition industry to meet the expectations of modern service delivery standards. Using EXSYS® platform to communicate with our clients we simplify the preparation for events participation and make it more convenient and technologically advanced.

Welcome to ESO

  • Extended package of services for your participation

    We do not limit the number of available services and offer a package of additional options you may need before and during the event, such as catering, marketing and etc.
  • Online order via EXSYS®

    Using EXSYS® you can order all the exhibition and additional services online at any time
  • All services in a "one-stop shop" format

    To save your time we have gathered all the exhibition and additional services in a unified catalog with an option of applying one payment to multiple orders
  • Personal customer service

    Digital tools can't replace the human interaction. That is why we offer a personal manager to assist you throughout the whole project
  • Minimizing paperwork

    For the first time, the automation of service delivery in the exhibition industry makes it possible to manage and store documents in digital form instead of physical. Communication in online format eliminates the need to fill out numerous additional papers
  • A multilingual team of professionals focused on providing solutions

    With the EXSYS® platform in the hands of specialist experienced in work at the best venues of Russia, we offer new solutions for your participation at the exhibitions
  • Transparent and timely reporting

    All the necessary information and documentation are right in your account
  • 24/7 customer support

    Ready to help with any questions on the EXSYS® functioning at any time